“Valdemar Atterdag holding Visby to ransom, 1361” by by the Swedish romantic painter Carl Gustaf Hellqvist, 1882.

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Here is some context to the painting, from the said source.

>*This painting depicts how the Danish king Valdemar IV (a.k.a. Valdemar Atterdag) collects treasures from the people in the Gotlandic medieval town of Visby in the summer of 1361 AD. If the town’s people do not fill the three big beer vats with gold, silver and other riches, Valdemar will see to that the whole town is burned to the ground. This type of taxation is known as fire taxation.*

>*King Valdemar Atterdag sits to the right, on an elevated red throne in front of the large St. Catherine’s church, and observes the town dwellers as they run to fill the vats. At the centre of the painting, the main characters are seen—i.e. the mayor and his family. The mayor clenches his fist in wrath and looks at the Danish king, while his wife looks up to the sky, towards God. The wife plays the role of Virgin Mary, and she has a tear drop in the corner of her eye. The setting is theatrical and romanticized as it was made in a period when romantic nationalism was popular in Northern Europe.*


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