Seven Crows by Alex Colville

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It’s awesome to see such support for Alex Colville’s work here. He’s a frequent topic of conversation for me. I actually live in Sackville, where just last year his wife donated the remainder of his paintings/ prints (including this as one of the lobby pieces) to the Owens. It was a remarkable spectacle that I’ll never forget.

This is actually just a serigraph (or silk screen print) using emulsified acrylic to give each “fleck” it’s own individual presence. The remarkable texture however indicates an almost absurd amount of detail and precision.

The process if you don’t know, is quite interesting, and allows for a very organized and calculated look. Basically, the original painting is scanned and separated digitally into each and every color found in the original. A separate silk screen is created for each that was scanned. There are usually from 80 to 130 individual colors, but Colville was a genius when it came to maximizing the effect of a single color.
Each silk screen is precisely placed over the Serigraph paper, and then by hand squeegee, paint for a specific color is applied.

Welp, hope I satiated your curiosity!

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