Robert Williams – Homey Puppy-Biter

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Surprised you’ve even heard of him. When I hung out in San Francisco in the early 70s he was one of many young artists, along with R. Crumb, Rick Griffith (of Zippy fame), Justin Green, Spain Rodriques, S. Clay Wilson, and many others. (It was the/my Golden Age of Underground Comics.) His comics were always masterfully drawn and bizarre romps in art and also story line. I looked him up recently to see what he’d done since those days 45 years ago, and this is some of what I found on his site. (my only regret is that it’s all pretty lo res)

Since my other posts of his usually bombed in the polls here, I just submitted this one out of spite today (well, not really. Just that “Fuck! Today I’m going to put up what *I* like without thinking about how it will be received (a terrible trap)”, and surprise, surprise…people actually *like* this one. How bizarre. It just shows that I’m simply NO GOOD as far as knowing what will appeal to others. And frankly that’s beside the point, most of us post what appeals to ourselves, not to the reddit voting machine. If others like it fine. If they don’t, well….it wouldn’t be the first time.

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