Picasso, Pablo (1881-1973) – Angel Fernandes De Soto With A Woman 1902 Pen Sepia Ink And Watercolour On Paper

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>Give me one good reason that this is a worthwhile piece.

It’s beautiful.

>Art should be judged on its objective merits

I disagree. Context ABSOLUTELY DOES matter. You sound like my high school art teacher. She was an idiot, too.

>I don’t understand modern artists, and I probably never will.

And thus we come to the heart of the issue. So stop pretending there’s a problem anywhere but within yourself.

>If someone had posted this with the title “Look at what my teenager scrawled during art class”, you would probably be having a laugh.

If that were the case, the art would have already been painted in a negative light before we even saw it. Whoever the parent was would be guilty of trying to force their impression on other people instead of letting them judge for themselves. Also, they’d be a shitty parent for trying to humiliate their kid. If that were the case I’d have to disagree and say I rather like it and find it beautiful and interesting, as well as humorous, so yeah I might have a laugh.

On a personal note, the audacity of plainly visible sex contrasts a lot with the childlike style of the art, and the fact that they’re playing together, and that’s kind of funny to me. But this is a better composed piece than you think. Where do the lines of the painting draw your eye?

Oh, but wait, he can’t even color inside the lines. He must have done that on accident. Clearly you have Picasso totally figured out. Except you already admitted you don’t understand modern artists and probably never will, so maybe it’s time for you to [stop talking.](http://en.memgenerator.pl/mem-image/you-sir-are-an-idiot-en-ffffff)

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