“Philosopher in Meditation,” Rembrandt, 1632

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Have you never encountered an old building? It’s really not an unusual staircase, staircases like this have been built out of wood for thousands of years. The building I am in right now has a staircase a bit like the one in the painting, and it’s a couple of hundred years old at least, and this is just an old farmhouse type building.

And they don’t bend one big bit of wood, they don’t bend anything, they just cut pieces of lumber and join them together in a spiral. A big wooden thing doesn’t have to be made from one single big piece of wood.

Seriously, you should get to a baroque museum, it would blow your mind. If you’re impressed by someone being able to make a staircase out of wood in the 1600’s, God knows what you will think faced with something [like this](http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3434/3242465500_441570b43c_o.jpg).

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