Norman Rockwell – Day In The Life Of A Little Girl

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Wow, your eyes were SERIOUSLY dumb. 😀

I’m glad you were able to overcome your ‘handicap’, but I think it may help you to realize why you thought Rockwell’s style was ‘campy, cheesy, etc’ to begin with.. you see, by the time you born/exposed to Rockwell, it was long after it had been fully assimilated into the culture through poor, hollow executions and imitations of style -which were largely for entertainment and the selling of goods and services. These iterations tend to become increasing more hollow and as you say campy/cheesy.

This happens with a LOT of the ‘progenitor content’ in culture.. it’s the same reason why many find old classic films to be campy/cheesy -while at the time they were revolutionary and still remain so to anyone with contextual perspective.

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