Marc Quinn (born 1964) – “Self”, sculpture of the artist’s head made from his own blood

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I don’t agree at all. For example, Noise/Ambient music is a defined and distinguished genre of music. People that “don’t get” it would say “hey he’s just hitting three keys the whole song” but that’s missing the point. Indeed, we could take this argument to its logical conclusion and look at John Cage’s extremely influental and groundbreaking piece *4’33″* for an example of music that takes literally no ability at all to “play” (and which, to some, constitutes the beginning of the Noise/Ambient genre) yet is most definitely art.

Now, something else you are missing is context. In terms of artistry, context is very important. There is an obvious difference between Cage composing this piece and some random Joe Schmoe composing it by just saying “heh what if a song was all rests that’d be cool heh”. In other words, a piece is more than just its form. So in that context yes, dropping a bunch of forks and spoons from a roof *could* be music, as could plucking random guitar strings. The way in which this could “legitimately” be considered art would be what the essence of the piece is. Sure, you might be plucking random guitar strings, but in what context are you doing this? What are you trying to say with it? Is there something deeper behind it or not? Too many people get caught up in form and that is why so many people fail to grasp “modern art” or denigrate a piece based solely on its form thereby completely neglecting the essence of the piece.

With all this being said, I believe that artists should be skilled in their discipline. I think it is very difficult to move beyond form if you have not yet mastered it. This is one reason why, in fact, art itself moved beyond strictly form and technical ability. You can write poetry if you know a few words in a given language, but you most likely cannot write *good* poetry if you have not mastered the language. Cage was an accomplished composer, and so this ability and knowledge gave him the skills needed to move into the new and groundbreaking territory that he did.

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