Lohmuller Gyuri, The fools rule the world

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What I can see from the image:

– The rooks (white and black) are staying on an elevated ground, saving themselves from the incoming water (the end?), at least temporally.

– On the left, the black king has been decapitated / killed.

– In the lower part of the center, a black pawn is standing near the ‘head’ of a white pawn.

– On the right, a black knight is burning the white queen.

– In the center, near the glass sphere, 2 black pawns and 2 black bishops are standing, not caring about the water. (Maybe too interested in the world portrayed on the sphere?)

– A mask, probably from Venice, is just lying on the ground. (Usually masks refer to lies)

From the title “The fools rule the world”, I’d say that the painting shows that the rule of queens and kings is over. The rooks (their allies) try to take cover from the incoming end of the ‘game’ (the status quo) and we can see that the ‘fools’ are the pawns, the knights and the bishops (I’m surprised about that last bit.)

I just made this analysis up, I might be wrong.


The mask might refer to the end of the lies (since it has been dropped).

The fact that the black pawn is standing near the head of a white pawn might mean that, even after all the changes, and revolutions that are currently happening, the ‘normal’ people are still fighting one another because of their differences, forgetting the similarities.

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