Kosovo’s Vacant Billboards are Unintentional Masterpieces

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I’m talking about appreciated AS art, not a comfy road.

for instance — http://theartofgooglebooks.tumblr.com/ this blog captures botched google books scans that have turned out beautifully. Are these not art?

What about these:

What about when a toddler finger-paints something that is sophisticated and aesthetically stunning, but they had no idea what they were doing? is that not art? They may have been trying to paint a cat, but what came out was a stunning and sophisticated mixture of colors in textures of which they were totally unaware. The hypothetical kid has no idea what he is doing, is he an artist and is it art only because he set out to show someone else something he made?

I think your perception of art closes you off to a huge world of artistic appreciation of beautiful things, made by humans, with an intent that may not fall within a small box of “create art”.

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