Kim Keever Creates Otherworldly Landscapes In A Fish Tank (Album In Comments)

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[**Here’s an album with some more.**](

And some copypasta taken from a random wordpress that I can’t remember at the moment: ‘As a former painter, Keever used his background as an engineer to instead start creating 3-D landscape sets built inside a giant fish tank. He then fills the tank with water,
lights it with varying light sources, and then adds plumes of pigment and other ephemera to create cloud and fog effects. Once the scene is set he photographs the tank as the pigments roil like coffee cream clouds, and then exhibits the results. The effect is that of an enigmatic, quite painterly scene that evokes not only the great landscape painters of the 19th century, but also conversely brings to mind primordial alien worlds that are similar enough to ours to look familiar, yet are also different and artificial enough to cause a slight yet fascinating discordance when viewing.’

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