Jenny Saville – Reverse, 2002-2003

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Here is a snippet from an [interview]( wherein the artist discusses the image:

“*Reverse* and *Reflective Flesh* use her own image. Not as self-portraits: “I am not interested in portraits as such. I am not interested in the outward personality. I don’t use the anatomy of my face because I like it, not at all. I use it because it brings out something from inside, a neurosis.”

In *Reverse*, the head is placed on a mirror and shown sideways on, no longer the artist looking at her subject, but a gaze looking at herself. In various places the skin is punctured, scabby, as if breaking down. But it’s the mouth that holds you, a pouting damson red. *Reflective Flesh* exposes the genitalia, luscious against the white of the flesh, open, nothing hidden, the artist lending her body as the object. It is a frightening image. “Not to me,” she says. “It’s because the nervousness of revealing is inherent that I’m interested in it – not in showing the world my genitalia. It is about being brave enough with myself to offer up that anxiety. I like my neuroses – they are my living sketchbook. I don’t want to work them out.”

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