Franz Marc – The Fate of the Animals 1913

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Let’s see what I remember about this from Art History. The deer in the middle is the symbol for the helpless individual in a violent and turbulent world. There are also blood drippings above the deer further expressiong violence. You can make out foxes in the darker area of the painting that almost surround/stalk the deer. The right most area of the image is very traditional cubist inspired, and as you move left you get the explosion of color and dada/surrealist influence. The fragmentation of the painting blends the foreground and background and confuses your pov when looking at it, also adding to the chaotic feel. Franz Marc used blue in many of his paintings and it gives the feeling of hopelessness/gloom. Picasso went through a “blue phase” where he was generally depressed and down trotten and Marc’s use of blue in his paintings may allude to the the same kind of feelings and expression……..that’s all I got off the top of my head. 🙂

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