Digital Artist Ray Caesar — Metatron, 2008

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Apologies for the late response as I’ve been off reddit for a few days. I try my best not to leave someone’s question hangin’, but will be honest when saying that this is difficult to answer in that I’m finding a serious serious lack of similar artists within my own personal files and that I’m not sure where to send you on the net that has these type of artists collected together for viewing. I will suggest three top sources when it comes to this style of dark & sexy contemporary digital art is [Juxtapoz](, [Hi-Fructose]( & [Beautiful Decay]( magazines. Usually the first 10 to 15 pages of their issues are filled with advertisements from galleries like [Roq La Rue]( or [Copro]( or [Jonathan Levine]( or [Thinkspace]( which provide lists of artists for you to check out. Hopefully this is enough to get you started. Take care.

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