Dead Mother(1910) by Egon Scheile, who studied under Gustav Klimt

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u/xBagh said it best! There is a certain ambiance to the city and the mix of Baroque, Neoclassical, and early modern architecture gives it a beautiful eclecticism and really helps you see what Klimt and Schiele were breaking from and moving towards. Also the city is very neatly laid out in rings, so that much of the old world Vienna is inside the Ringstrasse, while the new cultural and political buildings of the Enlightenment and modern era are outside of it, which is a nice dichotomy. The Leopold has an incredible amount of works by both artists, as do the Upper and Lower Belvidere. The Secession is there. The two men just spent their whole lives there and I have to say, as an art history major who is more interested in Neoclassical art and also modern art (not schiele and klimt, although i do like them) I could not escape them!

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