Childe Hassam – Nude In Sunlilt Wood

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You’re completely unwelcome. The general idea is USE GOOGLE. I mentioned Wikipedia because they usually give pronunciation for foreign names.

You see there’s this thing called Google that knows even more than your wife … and it’s got, like, this search box thingee and you put something appropriate in like say, “Childe pronunciation” and out comes….

Childe Hassam

Hassam, Childe (Frederick Childe Hassam) **chĪld hăsˈəm**, 1859–1935, American painter and printmaker, b. Boston, studied in Paris. With their flickering light and airy palette, Hassam’s sprightly landscapes, cityscapes, and interiors show the strong influence of late 19th-century French painting, and he is probably the best known of America’s impressionists. Examples of his work include many scenes on the Isles of Shoals and July 14th, Rue Daunou, 1910 (1910), The New York Window (1912), The Church at Gloucester (1918), and Fifth Avenue (1919). He also illustrated Celia Thaxter’s An Island Garden (1894). An extremely prolific and popular artist, he is represented in virtually every major American museum.

Personally, I’m happy about this information, not because it answers your question directly but forces you to do a bit more work to decode the standard pronunciation markings.

Have fun and when you figure it out, don’t forget to share with the rest of us, seeing that I’ve already given you this much, as well as posted the pic.

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