Top 1000 Street Art Pictures

Buenos Aires, Argentina

I dig this, but the whole “people wearing gas masks in unexpected scenarios” thing is a little played out to me. Still a cool work of art, though.

Muscly creature, Paris, France

Oh! I meant a kangaroo. I sort of unconsciously shortened the word. Roos I guess is the more acceptable one. This is a Big Red Kangaroo. It has huge biceps. Roos generally do. Even amongst them, this is a big one. It seems

Ferris Bueller in Inver Grove Heights, MN

This one used to be on the side of a port-a-potty barrier (don’t really know how to explain that) at North Valley park but was removed, you can still kind of see it. There is another one near the cub foods exit by papa

Packard Factory Detroit, Mi

I enjoy attempting to extract meaning from things, and here I imagine the Juggernaut is a symbol for the intense poverty in Detroit; nearly unstoppable once it gets moving and it’s going to either miss you, or kill you.

Charles Bukowski

>Where is this located in Denver? >I live here and would love to see it in person. It’s no longer there, actually. It was an alleyway mural that was covered up awhile ago.

Camden, London

There’s a collective that do this around where I work, so the street art changes weekly. They have an Instagram with more of their work on it [here](

London, UK

I reckon it’s taken from this photograph from 1946 – [Walk to Paradise Garden]( Nice mural!

Futurama bar in Salamanca, Spain

Well, I was studying there last week when I took the picture. Unfortunately I had to come back to the US earlier than expected so I never got to go inside. :'( If anyone here is ever in Salamanca Spain, if you walk left

Kenny Scharf tagged my ’85 Mercedes

I can see why you think that from seeing the picture, but in person I didn’t look good at all. Paint is terrible, rust all over, holes, falling apart everywhere. A few of the holes in the floor are getting quite serious, so it’s

Cowboy, Berlin.

Cassiopeia is a pretty cool place. When I told a few people I was headed to Berlin, everyone said, “Stay out of East Berlin!” So of course, it was the first place I went. Berlin is an awesome city.

My favorite piece from the downtown Reno area

I’ve been gone for about 3 years so that makes sense. I just don’t want Reno to do it like how Vegas is doing it. Old Vegas has legal walls everywhere, and the graf feels very…forced. It’s like they are trying on purpose to

Street art in Timisoara, Romania

So as I found out, the names of the artists are “Nego and Lux” and here is an [article about the creation of this piece of art]( (in Romanian, but with some nice pictures).