Top 1000 Street Art Pictures

Black Knight, Orléans

Would it be alright if a post more from the same alley in separate posts? There were several other great pieces, though it feels weird chopping it up.

“Germany needs more fantasy” – Munich, Ger

This is an ad, not street art per se. While it is technically similar enough, most street art/graffiti people wouldn’t classify anything advertising a large brand like this as legitimate. Small company ads (local businesses etc) employing street artists/graffiti artists is fine but anything

Digbeth Coach Station, Birmingham

There were quite a few cars coming in and out so I had to hurry my picture, so apologies if this isn’t that great. I did manage to find a separate source with a better picture too! [Enjoy](

Oscar Wilde

Not the most dazzling rendition of street art but it is a thoughtful quote and I can see how it could be inspirational. Art is in the eye of the beholder after all.
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