Top 1000 Street Art Pictures

Street Art in Lisbon

Ah, thank you so much! I didn’t know who this was from, but I’ll definitely check him out. I love this mural, out of all the street art in Lisbon it’s my favorite 🙂

Knowledge – Hasselt, Belgium

This is so cool, because it means Zoidberg and Farnsworth have become more than just Futurama characters, they’ve become part of the collective imaginary just like the Simpsons

A splash of color on a grey day in Paris.

I get where you’re coming from. I had looked at this similarly to how I look at soundscape composition. Soundscape composition (in my experience) involves people recording ambient noise, like the wind through trees, birds chirping, dust and wind blowing against a window, and

Teardrop by Phillip Hemnell

This was at the Gillman Barracks, and yes it was commissioned I think. But definitely, there are a lot more avenues in Singapore for street art. Many more spotted in the tanjong pagar area. A telling sign is that after all the government controversy

3d chair balance art. Norway

To what little info there is about this piece, it seems it is in honor of a balance artist called Eskil Rønningsbakken, wiki link [HERE](ønningsbakken)

Stag street art, Vienna

It’s a reference to the TV Series “Hannibal”. Where one of the main characters has visions of an Elk/Stag. One of his phrases is “This is my design.”

Street art fish in Atlanta, GA.

This is on the Eastside Trail of the Beltline. Underneath the bridge closest to Monroe Drive. You know, just in case anyone wants to go see it. There’s actually lots of great art along the whole trail.

Untitled. Barcelona. By Pejac.

[Here’s a larger image]( That splatter doesn’t look like a stencil at all and I can’t see any sign of wheatpasting. (maybe I’m just secretly hoping that he took his time to paint the details.)

Jazz festival spirit, Montreal

hey I am going to Montreal to study in september and would be interested in seeing this for myself, c ould you tell me the street it’s on and maybe other good graffiti spots of the city