Top 1000 Street Art Pictures

El comandante, Caracas

You didn’t read what was in the link did you? Venezuela doubled the amount of grain it produced in 10 years, child malnutrition dropped by two-thirds in 10 years and free healthcare provided for 225 million consultations in one year alone, read the whole

Street ‘art’… Russian style!

fuuuuuck that guy is dope! btw kinda unrelated but, does anyone know of any good writers who write in other alphabets? either russian writers who bomb in cyrilic or some greek or arabs ones? even a mandarin bomber would be great, although I don’t

Street art-covered wall in Berlin

I did see the Berlin Wall while I was there, but this one was just a generic wall. The section of Berlin Wall that I saw had been mostly demolished, so there wasn’t much street art there.

“Before I Die…” in Montgomery, Alabama.

Some of them would seem superficial but the “Before I die, I want to LIVE” one really struck me. All the others are basically saying the same thing but through specific (and often unsuccessful?) means. All in all, it just seems like an accurate
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