Top 1000 Street Art Pictures

My favorite piece from the downtown Reno area

I’ve been gone for about 3 years so that makes sense. I just don’t want Reno to do it like how Vegas is doing it. Old Vegas has legal walls everywhere, and the graf feels very…forced. It’s like they are trying on purpose to

Street art in Timisoara, Romania

So as I found out, the names of the artists are “Nego and Lux” and here is an [article about the creation of this piece of art]( (in Romanian, but with some nice pictures).

Dog thugs in Barcelona

Yea I tried searching for his tag but couldn’t find any info on him or other pieces he’s done. I can only assume that the artist is a local

StreetArt in Basel, CH

Thanks. I didn’t know them before. They have some realy nice artwork, though. The woman in this work is apparently inspired by pin up model and burlesque performer [Zoe Scarlett](

In New York City

It looks better without the yellow filter

Animals in Moscow by Edgar Mueller

Well the title of the work, or location, and name of the artist is wrong. The artist is Kurt Wenner, the title if “A Forest Path”. “Cyclist Bradley Wiggins leaves the Southbank for a ride through the rainforest, on a work called A Forest

Ashop Mural, Montreal

This is only a couple of blocks away from where I’m sitting right now. Much better than all the tags that used to go up on that wall. Montreal introduced a new bylaw requiring businesses to take down any vandalism on their properties on

Street Fighter art, Honk Kong

I’m kinda baked right now but I think it was meant to be because I have a scar on my right index finger which is my left mouse button pressing finger for shooting in FPS games – like a trigger finger. It is also

Don’t Believe The Hype! San Diego, CA

[On G Street between 2nd and 3rd](,-117.161357&spn=0.009659,0.021136&oe=utf-8&channel=fflb&t=m&z=16&layer=c&cbll=32.712551,-117.162404&panoid=ynejrA-ywLpmwCU-_QV9dA&cbp=12,0,,0,0)