Top 1000 Art Pictures

Anguish by August Friedrich Albrecht Schenck

August Friedrich Albrecht Schenck – Danish born – settled in Paris. Anguish was completed in 1880. The National Gallery of Victoria has this info on interpreting the work, “[Schenck] Specializing in painting landscapes and animal subjects, which were often seen as a metaphor for


[Reminds me of a Gerhard Richter painting.](

Hell, Wayne Barlowe

I really liked this so I checked out his other stuff. I did not like any of his other work so I came back and looked at this some more, I don’t much care for this either.

Michael Pacher — Saint Wolfgang & The Devil, c.1483

To my knowledge, the face-ass thing isn’t a particularly common representation, but artists at the time definitely came up with some awesomely fucked-up ways to depict the Devil and various lesser demons and monsters. I think because a lot (not all, but a lot)

Madame X, John Singer Sargent, 1884.

Here’s a [detail shot]( of that for you. The books don’t really cover these magic little “economy of brushstroke” details that make Sargent remarkable to me, so I’ve started taking the photos myself whenever the opportunity presents. I hope you enjoy. Edit: Here’s another

Hiroo Isono- The Mana Tree

Ugh this picture makes me want to cry. So many good/bad memories attached to it. 🙂 Here, listen to this with me, it adds to the epic feel of the entire thing.

Tsunami by Bouletcorp

His name is actually Boulet, Bouletcorp is the name of his website. [Here’s the link]( if anyone is interested.

Frantisek Kupka – Unknown

no way – it’s a drawing. Could be a litography. The contrast is however too deep for a copper plate, and the lines too fine for any other technique. So I’m guessing steel tip ink or litography.

Wailing Wall by Gustav Bauernfeind

I honestly couldn’t tell this was a painting until the bottom half loaded. As it was loading all I could see was the top half of the walls and the sky and I thought “is this a photo in artporn?” and was ready to

Anthony Anthony – Unknown

Damned few links to it. I think it’s probably Chinese, since Chinese characters are on the mirror frame, and the few google hits were mostly Chinese sites. So “Anthony” doesn’t make much sense as the artist name, but that’s all the info I have

“Ophelia” – John Everett Millais

This work stopped me in my tracks as I was rushing through the National Gallery in London, there as part of a study abroad course on Roman Britain. I wrote the name and the artist down and quickly discovered it was on loan from

Utagawa Kuniyoshi – Lobster and Phoenix (1837)

That’s not a phoenix. The [phoenix]( is actually from Greek mythology, and this woodblock is usually referred to as “Lobster and Bird”, or just “Lobster”. Great submission, nonetheless!

Vladimir Kush, Metamorphosis

Ugh. Really don’t like this guy. He has art stores in tourist destinations (vegas, hawaii, etc) selling his giclee prints. Feels like walking into the disney store. Decent art, but just decent. A half step above trippy dorm room posters. My 2 cents.

Alexei Butirskiy, Big Ben

Something about the slickness — not just of the streets but of the whole scene — kind of creeps me out. The image is expertly executed in many ways, but this slickness — doesn’t look or feel to me like ordinary rain, even ordinary