Top 1000 Art Pictures

Zdislav Beksinski – Untitled 36

He has always been one of my most favorite artists. I have a bunch of his work set as my desktop backgrounds and honestly, I could get lost just looking at a digital copy of his work. I’d most definitely cry if I was

Ivan Shishkin, In the birch tree forest

I love how much Russian/Eastern European art comes up on this subreddit. There are some real unappreciated superstars. High school art only ever dealt with the big West European and US names, and I haven’t seen anything Eastern European in the galleries in Australia.

Kawase Hasui – “Zôjô-ji Temple in Shiba”, 1925

Yes! This is a Japanese woodblock print. Hiroshige and Hasui were both Japanese woodblock print artists. That being said they operated at different times and in completely different cultures (although, stylistically, there are some similarities – Hasui was obviously influenced by Hiroshige). [Hiroshige]( produced

“After Troy 10” – Pieter Schoolwerth, 2012

[The Philosophy of Aesthetics]( Plato’s perspective comes from his understanding of the world that everything comes from a perfect idea of that something. So for him making art is an attempt to make the perfect piece of art. It is an attempt to distill

Jenny Saville – Rosetta

I was lucky enough to go to the private view for Jenny Saville’s [current solo exhibition] ( at Modern Art Oxford. This piece was one of my favourites.

Ilya Repin – Sadko in the Underwater Kingdom

Sadko was a merchant and he was traveling the sea after a trade. There was a storm so he gave “bribe” to Poseidon with gold and pearls. But that wasn’t enough and Poseidon wanted a human sacrifice. The crew of the ship pulled a

Hiroshi Furuyoshi – Maya

It appears to just be acquired curio and shiny stuff that the person, possibly the girl, or her parents, collected there. There isn’t a coherent, intrinsic meaning connecting each of the objects, but the sheer volume and variation of the objects implies that this

The Flammarion engraving by an unknown artist. It first appeared in Camille Flammarion’s L’atmosphère: météorologie populaire (1888). The caption translates to “A medieval missionary tells that he has found the point where heaven and Earth meet…”

The concentric crystalline spheres that carry the sun (your holy-gyroscope-thing), the moon and the heavenly bodies that move around the center of the universe, the earth, propelled by the power of god in the form of invisible angels. Sarah Palin-types still invest in this

Edward Hopper, Morning Sun (1952)

I love Hopper. He’s one of my favorite painters of all time. But I do not enjoy his people at all. I wish this painting was just the bed. He’s so great at capturing light and architecture (non living objects) but I don’t think

Nighthawks – Edward Hopper

There’s a fun anecdote (most likely apocryphal) about an art critic interviewing Edward Hopper. The conversation inevitably veered to Nighthawks, and the critic pulled out a print of the work. The critic then asked Hopper, “Mr. Hopper, I’ve always been dying to ask you

Edward Hopper – Le Bistro

> **Bistro** is about two women hanging out, eating Ketchup and enjoying the breeze… Or is it? > > Actually, if you focus in on the two figures you’ll see that the one facing away could be a very masculine woman or just a

Frank Frazetta – Self Portrait

Points to consider: – As an artist myself, this artwork is important to me because it made me consider the use of grays as a legitimate color instead of a “dull” color. Note how he paints the shadow under his hairline gray. Also note