“After Troy 10” – Pieter Schoolwerth, 2012

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[The Philosophy of Aesthetics](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aesthetics)

Plato’s perspective comes from his understanding of the world that everything comes from a perfect idea of that something. So for him making art is an attempt to make the perfect piece of art. It is an attempt to distill the objective beauty into something that exists.

(Which I don’t believe this piece achieves)

But, there are many other philosophers who see art differently, one of my favourites being the great pessimist Arthur Schopenhauer. He says that all of life is suffering and art is the only true escape from the pain of existence. Thus, being a greater teacher than science or expirence. He would agree with Picasso that “Art is a lie that tells the truth.

For me I think artists should be less avante-garde and understand the idea of making art. There exists a quote by Picasso (which I can’t quite find) where he states that the worse he paints the more money people give him. He sees that art has become a joke and keeps jesting because it is profitable for him.

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