Acedia by Jeremy Geddes

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I like the concept but I found the execution lacking. It’s a great snippet of a story which I find really draws the viewer in, but it seems to have been told with a weird accent or wrong details.

There is some great movement going on, especially with the shrapnel flying out of the wall. However, some of the bricks just seem lifeless, like they were just pasted/painted into the picture and just seem so…..*static* compared to the action going on.

Further, I found the positioning of her anatomy and her body-reaction as a whole to be distracting and uncooperative with the rest of the story. Surely her shoulders should be thrown forward after just flying through a brick wall. Her left arm (the one we see) is just so oddly placed it pulls her out of the situation she is in (flying through a wall) and looks more like she stumbled backwards. If the artist intended her to appear as though she were (peacefully) floating, as if underwater or something–a soft-action contradiction to the violent destruction of the wall–again I don’t think that was successful either…but another great idea.

Her legs are acceptable but they seem more contracted than half-extended. They’re also a bit close together visually. It may be due the perspective of the viewer but I would have corrected that somehow to make it more visually satisfying.

The stylized flow and billow of the dress is one artistic liberty I could agree was rendered in an exaggerated but aesthetically acceptable technique. I do have a few qualms with the way the air apparently billiows into the dress but I won’t go on about that.

The scene itself seems a bit odd, but in a good way–making the viewer *think* about what is going on, and where. A large gym/athletic (maybe jail?) group shower…but wait, what’s that on the left? A bathtub? I’ve never seen a group-shower-facility with a bathtub? Why does this one have one? Where is this? All good questions that force further thinking.

The tiling and reflections of light and patterns throughout are very well done; they really engage the eye and make it move around to take in the scene. And the glow and wash-out of the light through the window reinforces the idea that this is real and being viewed with a human eye.

End thoughts are that it was well done from a technical standpoint but compositionaly I think it failed or did very poorly from an advanced standpoint. Just saw this is artporn and not r/artcrit or /learnart but still…not one of my favorite pics on artporn

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