A splash of color on a grey day in Paris.

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I get where you’re coming from. I had looked at this similarly to how I look at soundscape composition. Soundscape composition (in my experience) involves people recording ambient noise, like the wind through trees, birds chirping, dust and wind blowing against a window, and so on. The art isn’t in someone creating music, but it’s about sharing a sound that to you is beautiful and worth sharing In my opinion, art is something that is imbued with profound importance by either the creator or consumer of that art. I think it’s definitely possible (not sure how likely, but possible) that the person who poured paint on that pylon had some meaning he or she wanted to convey. So I’d say that it’s possibly art But that’s just my opinion. Your view is also very reasonable, and just as legitimate as mine.

Also, sorry for writing so much. I need to learn to be more concise.

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